The Karitane® Process

The step by step guide to our services is set out below.

1.    Register with Karitane® – it’s free!

Either call Karitane® on 0800222 121 or and complete our client registration form.  We’ll then call you to discuss your needs and your vision of the ideal carer for your child/children.  It’s important that you give us as much information as possible to give us the opportunity to find the perfect candidate for you.

2.    Candidate Selection

We’ll start contacting suitable nannies and place a brief job description of your role on our website.   We will then send you the profile of candidates that we think are suitable, these include their CV, copies if their certificates, any written references and a photo.

3.    Interviews with your chosen nannies

Once you’ve decide who you’d like to meet, call Karitane® and we will co-ordinate an interview with the nanny/ies on your behalf.  We recommend that you meet at home to discuss your requirements and what the job entails, their experience and their background, as well as your particular needs.  We can provide advice on interview questions.

4.    Employment Agreement and PAYE

When you’ve found the nanny for you, you’ll need to have an employment contract between you and your nanny. Karitane® can also help you with this as well as market nanny rates, payroll services (as an employer you are responsible for paying your nanny’s PAYE and general enquires).   

5.    Placement fee and the Karitane® Guarantee

Once the placement is confirmed a fee is payable.  Our placement fee is a percentage of the nanny’s annual salary + GST (different rates apply depending on the type of placement). The fee covers the placing of a candidate and comes with a 2 month guarantee period in the unlikely event that the nanny does not work out, where we will either you find a replacement nanny or provide you with a pro rata refund.

6.    Support

We’ll call you after your nanny has been with you for a couple of weeks to make sure your nanny is settling in, and again in a month to make sure all is going well and to help with any questions that may have arisen since your nanny started working with you.