Special Care

At Karitane® we spend time helping parents whose babies need that little bit more care.  

Our Karitane® Professionals have experience with:

•    very premature babies

•    babies that require oxygen 24/7

•    tube fed babies (both nasogastric and Mic-Key button)

•    have a tracheotomy

Many of our Karitane® Professionals have attended training provided by Family Options before working with these babies and all are happy to work alongside parents and NICU staff, and can also provide some respite to parents, including during the night.

Karitane® is an approved provider for Family Options and Taikura and we can work with you to help you with your funding entitlements.

We have also worked with mums with postnatal  depression, both via private referral and also through the St Lukes Community Mental Health and Maternal Mental Health and also work with CYFS in caring for children.

Please call us on 0800 222 121 to discuss your specific needs.