Temp nanny testimonial

“Thanks so much for this week. Our boy absolutely loves the temp nanny you provided. He has such a fabulous enriching time with Sarah and thinks she is the bees knees – it’s like Forest / Beach School! We are so grateful to have her in our lives.” SN – Auckland

Sleep training testimonial

“You have changed our lives. Our little boy needed to be bounced to sleep, would only sleep on me during the days and would wake up four times during the night.

You put us in touch with Brigita who was just amazing and helped us with everything. She was incredible and exactly what we needed. Our little boy’s ability to learn and pick up new things has accelerated since he has been getting good sleep. It is amazing the difference it has made and all without having to let him cry.”  FC – Christchurch

Karitane professional consultation testimonial

“Carol was amazing. She was such a friendly presence in a very stressful time in my house. She was calming, positive, supportive and someone I would happily welcome back in my home. Carol’s experience showed she was able to change the sleeping and feeding routine for my baby in a short time, and in a really positive way. Before Carol came over he wasn’t feeding properly, or sleeping.

Last night after Carol left, it wasn’t 100% smooth sailing but I had the best night with my baby that I’ve ever had. It was amazing and I wanted to say thank you for sending Carol.

Thank you for everything and I hope you can continue to send Carol to homes where she can help change their lives for the better too.” PG – Auckland


“Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the amazing nannies over the break! Dory was just incredible – what amazing energy and both children bonded with her instantly. We were very lucky to have her.

Then Miss 5 absolutely loved her time with Suz just this week. Knowing that Miss 5 was an appreciator of arts and crafts she brought along some cute pink material with unicorns on it and helped Miss 5 to line a small box with it to hold some of her most precious things, plus a lovely picture too, along with other fun that they had together.

Thank you – another incredible experience with Karitane Nannies.” CD –Auckland