Sometimes you just need a good night’s sleep so let one of Karitane®’s night nannies feed and settle your baby/ies during the night while you catch up on some much needed rest. 

Generally our  Night Karitane® Professional will arrive at 10pm and leave at 6am.  We are happy to extend these hours at your request.

A Night Nanny will do any of the following:

  • Night feeds
  • Change nappies
  • Settle the baby
  • Prepare and sterilise bottles
  • Dress and prepare the baby in the morning
  • Give help and advice on a sleep routine
  • Offer strategies on coping with post-natal depression
  • Stay longer in the mornings to allow you a lie-in
  • Give advice on breast-feeding

If you are breastfeeding you may choose to express so as to have a full night’s sleep, or the Night Nanny will bring your baby to you to feed, but will then take your bundle of joy away and burp, change and settle the baby so you can go back to sleep.

You can have a Night Nanny for anywhere between one night or several weeks – you let us know what suits you.

Register with Karitane ® or call  now on 0800 222 121 to have a Karitane® Professional help you get a good night’s sleep.